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Your first step-by-step online Real Sourdough Baking Masterclass, 
with Natasa Djuric, Renowned Slovenian Sourdough Baker

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Revealed: Top 13 reasons why to eat Real Sourdough Bread

  • Your blood sugar levels remains stable
  • Easier to digest
  • Regulates candida
  • Neutralization and breakdown of the gluten (which can be your hidden food allergen!)
  • Neutralization and breakdown of the phytic & oxalic acid
  • Breakdown of other anti-nutrients (like trypsin inhibitors, protease inhibitors,
    alpha-amylase inhibitors and other enzyme inhibitors, lectins - hemagglutinins)
  • The acetic acid which is produced along with lactic acid, helps to preserve the bread by inhibiting the growth of mold
  • Increases beneficial lactic acid (which is great for your gut!)

  • Enzymes in flour are activated and important nutrients such as iron, zinc, manganese, phosphorus, selenium and magnesium, antioxidants, folic acid and B vitamins (B1 to B6, B12) are easier to absorb
  • Contains uniquely balanced 18 different amino acids, fatty acids, cellulose, minerals, and innumerable other nutrients our bodies need
  • Improve overall nutritional profile of your flour and gain maximum nutritional benefits from your baked goods
  • Inhibits the growth of bad bacteria
  • Improves the bread's taste, flavor, smell and structure (when properly prepared)

6 studies that prove how sourdough can
enrich your body and well-being


Sourdough bread aids in ensuring your blood glucose level remains in line, helping you to guard against various diseases especially diabetes.

Researchers in Sweden at Lund University have noted that the fermentation process that’s involved in the creation of sourdough also utilizes carbohydrates, lowering the carbohydrate level in the dough as it’s transformed to lactic acid which ensures your gut health.


Easily neutralize the effect of phytic and oxalic acid in your bread and grain-based meals in your kitchen now with lactic-acid fermentation.

A growing body of scientific research is showing that phytic and oxalic acid deplete minerals from your body and inhibit your digestion. Both are present in abundance in grains (bran layers), seeds and legumes. When phytic acid is in your body, important nutrients (such as iron, zinc, manganese, phosphorus, selenium, magnesium, antioxidants, folic acid and vitamins B1 through B6 and B12 vitamins) bind to phytic acid and therefore depleting you from them. Not only that phytic acid reduces the availability of minerals in the food that contains phytic acid, but also in other foods being digested at the same time.

Phytic acid not only grabs onto important minerals, it also inhibits enzymes that we need to digest our food (pepsin, amylase, trypsin).

Diets high in phytic acid or phytates have a powerful anti-nutritional effect on your health including tooth decay, nutritional deficiencies, digestive difficulties and lack of appetite.

The key to neutralize the effects of phytic acid is enzyme that breaks down phytic acid and liberates the nutrients. This enzyme is called phytase and co-exists in plant foods that contains phytic acid. The solution to activate the phytase enzyme and neutralize phytic acid in grains is lactic-acid fermentation.


Greatly minimize impact of gluten and other anti-nutrients on your body system.

Since eliminating gluten from your diet can be difficult for some people, especially if you are a bread lover, you can greatly minimize impact of gluten and other anti-nutrients on your body system by preparing your bread with sourdough and actually get the nutrition that sourdough bread provides and enhance the recovery of your intestinal inflammation.

A team of Italian scientists led by Luigi Greco at the University of Naples authored a 2010 study that showed significantly lower levels of gluten in sourdough made bread. Different types of breads were given to people with celiac disease, a form of gluten intolerance, for 60 days. All participants eating the gluten-containing bread experienced deterioration in the health of their bowels, while no damages were seen in the intestines of participants assigned to the fermented wheat-based sourdough bread.

Note: If you have been diagnosed with celiac disease, it’s better to stay completely gluten-free. Gluten-free sourdough recipes are covered in this Masterclass as well.


Enhance the recovery of your intestinal inflammation.

No-celiac gluten sensitivity is most unrecognized source of gluten related disorders. It’s increasingly recognized as a source of inflammation for the body, which could aggravate or precipitate conditions such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, autism, schizophrenia, headaches, weight problems and depression. Lactic and acetic acids present in the sourdough bread lower the pH of your intestine, which prevents the growth of harmful bacteria and enhances the growth of good lactic acid bacteria which help to reduce inflammed gut.


Helps you to regulate healthy weight and remove cravings.

High insulin levels cause immediate fat storage in your body. Study by Ostman et al. (2002) showed that lactic acid produced during the sourdough fermentation has the ability to lower the insulin responses, assisting you to maintain healthy weight and prevent cravings.


Traditionally made sourdough bread resists mold much better than conventionally leavened bread.

The researchers from the University of Alberta, Edmonton, have found that some of the bacteria used in sourdough production convert the linoleic acid that is present in bread flour into a powerfully anti-fungal compound.

“Making Real Sourdough Bread is the new old standard in every modern kitchen.“

- Natasa Djuric, master sourdough baker    

When flour comes into contact with water magic is starting to happen.

In flour itself natural bacteria and yeasts are present. Bacteria start to metabolize carbohydrates into glucose, which yeast can metabolize. Yeast produces carbon dioxide gas, which leavens the dough. With proper temperature and time a balanced, symbiotic and stable culture develops.

Naturally occurring enzymes in flour are activated and important nutrients antioxidants and vitamins become easier for your body to absorb.

Fermentation process in sourdough removes phytates and enzyme inhibitors, predigestion of starches takes place and anti-nutrients (phytic & oxalic acid, gluten) get neutralized. The acidic condition in sourdough inhibits the growth of bad-bacterial agents, thus regulating candida.

“Peace goes into the making of a poem as flour goes into the making of bread. 

Pablo Neruda 

  • Michael Gänzle at the University of Alberta, Canada, has suggested that sourdough cultures are in fact so intimately connected with the people who use them that they form a mutually supportive and sustaining relationship.
  • The microorganisms are part of you (and come from you) and so the bread you ferment with them is tailormade to nourish and support especially you.
  • Boost your own health by eating bread cultured with your domestic friendly bacteria and yeast.  This is advantage of your home.
  • Feel connected to successful ancient cultures as sourdough had been part of their nourishment for thousands of years.
Mother and child in grain field

“The smell of good sourdough bread, like the sound of lightly flowing water, is indescribable in its evocation of innocence and delight.”

– M.F.K. Fischer

This Masterclass is for you, if:

    • You want to improve your digestion.
    • You are sick and tired of baking sourdough bricks.
    • You feel stuck with your sourdough starter.
    • You are confused when your sourdough bread is properly fermented.
    • You want to make your grains more beneficial for your body.
    • You are busy and still want to make great sourdough bread.
    • You want to effortlessly transform your baking skills to completely another level.
    • You want to nourish your baby and your family.

"Unlock the creative baking genius inside you"

  • Over 38 HD instructional videos and over 30 guided recipes photo tutorials with over 320 crystal clear photos
  • Lays a rock solid foundation on gluten and gluten-free sourdough starter
  • Easily understand how to mix, fold, proof, score, steam and bake your own authentic sourdough bread
  • Uncover ways to create open crumb and crispy crust
  • Discover different styles of fermentation
  • Understand hydration, autolyze and other baking terms and how they apply to baking sourdough bread
  • Feel inspired. Make your family and friends impressed with an amazing loaf of real sourdough that you baked yourself, in your own home oven
  • Have all the resources for amazing and fun Real Sourdough bread baking
  • Learn how to create a variety of different sourdough breads with delicious taste and smell
  • Learn how to make different simple and absolutely delicious gluten-free sourdough breads
  • Uncover other fantastic sourdough dessert formulas.
  • Effortlessly move from beginner to master sourdough baker
  • Receive a certificate after completition of the Masterclass.

"Steer yourself effortlessly towards real food and better gut health"

Here’s exactly what you'll get when you order now:

Module 1 - Sourdough Starter
In this foundation module, you will learn everything you need to know about sourdough starter that transforms your flour into your delicious bread.

  • HD instructional video on:
  • How to prepare gluten sourdough starter from scratch
  • How to prepare gluten-free sourdough starter from scratch
  • No more dependency on store-bought commercial yeast
  • Sourdough starter scientific background information
  • Tips on how to feed and maintain your sourdough starter
  • Tips and guidelines - for bulletproof starter
  • Troubleshooting Q&A list (with this you just can’t go wrong)
  • Plus Bonus #1: Rise of the sourdough starter time lapse (special video)
Learn Sourdough Baking Module-1

Learn Sourdough Baking Module-2

Module 2 – Know Your Dough
In this module you will discover:

  • Special resting technique
  • Stretching and folding technique
  • How to improve your dough’s strength
  • 2 HD instructional videos so you can see techniques first hand
  • 2 additional techniques fact sheets
  • Plus Bonus #2: Grains & flours fact sheet

Module 3 – Sourdough Baking and Tools

  • HD instructional video on:
  • Sourdough handling, baking and shaping tools
  • Concise listed tips on sourdough bread baking directly from years of practice
  • Troubleshooting Q&A on mixing and rising the dough, baking the bread, bread’s volume, crust and crumb
  • Resource list (where to buy tools)
Learn Sourdough Baking Module-3

Learn Sourdough Baking Module-4

Module 4 – Real Sourdough Bread Baking
This module connects first three modules altogether and this is where it gets hot:

  • 18 HD instructional videos for 6 different sourdough bread recipes showing you exactly how to prepare starter, mix the dough and bake the bread:
  • Buckwheat Bread with roasted Walnuts (enjoy rustic royalty at its best)
  • Corn Batard with Figs (sweet tooth adventure)
  • Fougasse with Olives (like Frenchmen do)
  • Raisin Snail Bread (elegant visits charm)
  • Country Bread (total family joy)
  • Spelt Bread (kitchen classic)
  • Each instructional video is accompanied with the
    step-by-step guided recipe [PDF] (altogether containing more than 90 crystal clear photos)
  • How to properly shape bread
  • How to identify perfectly fermented sourdough bread
  • How to bake bread on a baking stone or in a Dutch oven
  • How to easily create proper steam in your home oven
  • Shows you exactly how to create World-class Real Sourdough Breads at your home
  • Plus Bonus #3: 4 additional sourdough bread
    step-by-step guided recipes [PDF] altogether containing more than 60 crystal clear photos:
  • 100% Rye Morning Breakfast Delight with Roasted Seeds (Sourdough Beginner Classic)
  • The Easiest Daily Spelt Loaf
  • Simple Spelt Loaf with Sage
  • 100% Whole Wheat Bread

Module 5 – Baking Other Sourdough Goodies
In this module you extend and apply sourdough fermentation knowledge even further:

  • 13 HD instructional videos for 5 different sourdough goodies:
  • Whole Wheat Crackers with Basil Butter (your perfect afternoon snack)
  • Khorasan Pizza (the most delicious pizza ever)
  • Khorasan Pita Bread (perfect for picnics)
  • Spelt Cherry Scones (amazing tea time with friends)
  • Spelt Focaccia with Herbs and Olive Oil (Italian cuisine at your home)
  • Each instructional video is accompanied with the step-by-step guided recipe [PDF] (altogether containing more than 60 crystal clear photos)
  • Plus Bonus #4: 7 additional sourdough step-by-step guided recipes [PDF] altogether containing more than 90 crystal clear photos
  • Whole Wheat Grissini (delicious crunchy appetizer perfect with prosciutto and cheese)
  • Mini Onion Ciabattas (great for your favorite sandwich fillings)
  • Rosemary Focaccia (ultimate herb alchemy)
  • Spelt Shredded Pancake (a.k.a Kaiserschmarrn)
  • Khorasan Apple Rolls (sweetness all day long)
  • 100% Einkorn Sandwich Loaf with roasted seeds
  • Whole wheat Sandwich Loaf
Learn Sourdough Baking Module-5

Learn Sourdough Baking Module-6

Module 6 – Gluten-free sourdough baking
This whole module is special bonus for you:

  • 5 HD instructional videos on how to make absolutely amazing gluten-free sourdough bread and sourdough pizza
  • 8 additional sourdough step-by-step guided recipes [PDF] (altogether containing more than 90 crystal
    clear photos:
  • Amazing & Simple Gluten-Free Sourdough bread (ultimate no-fail gluten-free bread)
  • Blueberry Gluten-Free Corn Sourdough Scones
  • Buckwheat Sourdough Scones (you will never miss gluten scones again)
  • Gluten-free Foccacia (joyous and chewy every day bread)
  • Millet Biscotti (simple crunchy tea biscuits)
  • Millet Pancakes
  • Quinoa Noodles (enjoy gluten-free pasta again)

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Learn from internationally recognized sourdough baker

Natasa Djuric Sourdough baker

Hello, I'm Natasa Djuric, the founder of www.learnsourdoughbread.com.
Lactic acid fermentation has been my big passion for many years.

Not even a week passes without preparing, sharing and eating some of the fermented foods: yogurts, fermented vegetables, water and milk kefir, other fermented beverages and my favorite—sourdough bread.

I believe that sourdough bread baking is more than just a way of preparing grains and making them more beneficial for your body.

It is also a life rewarding skill, an art, a way to discover and enhance your creativity, a contribution to a culinary heritage and tradition preservation and also a simple way to reconnect to the nature.

Including fermentation processes in your daily food preparation will inspire you to observe the life around you more actively and will also get you involved in the community that isn't visible to the naked eye—the community of microorganisms.


Baking your own Real Sourdough Bread can make your imagination blossom, your taste buds go crazy and can make you addicted to its incredible smell and mouthwatering taste.

Here it’s what people are saying about Natasa’s classes:

Alison United Kingdom

"Everything I have from Natasa’s kitchen has been sensational, the tastes are so pure and you can feel the natural goodness hit you immediately. I especially liked the sourdough bread and millet pizza. Natasha is a talented cook able to blend ancient ways of cooking to create more modern flavours. Once you have experienced these you will not want to eat anything else!”

“What a great decision was to switch to sourdough baking - my children and husband just love it! And with Natasa’s guidance it was really simple! Kids are so engaged in observing and preparing bubbly starter and sourdough. Oh, and not to mention how they eat it when freshly baked!”

Mateja Slovenia
Ines Slovenia

I was thinking baking with sourdough was a difficult process. Well, I was so wrong. Natasa showed me how to make it and keep it simple. Now, I understand how easy and beneficial fermentation is, my digestion improved and I fell in love with it. Thank you for inspiring me to be so much more creative in my kitchen.”

I was searching the Internet on how to prepare my own yeast, I found Natasa's classes. Since then, I have been making my own sourdough bread, but also other types of pastry, salty and sweet alike. And it works great either way, some of the sweet varieties I tried are potica (a typical Slovenian sweet dish, a walnut roll), buhtlji (a variety of sweet rolls filled with jam), various strudels and croissants. And there is plenty more room for testing.
The main advantages of using sourdough are, from my experience, no inflated stomach (as compared with normal yeast bread), a longer feeling of satiety, and you can eat the bread right out of the oven :)

My husband, who had his gall bladder removed, can eat the sourdough bread without any problems. The preparation is a kind of a ritual and I simply love it. I have been sharing this love with my friends and family by making bread for them and by teaching them how to make one on their own.”

Anita Slovenia
Slaviša Serbia

I was living in a misconception what sourdough bread actually is. I am so grateful that I discovered your class. My bread baking has improved so much that I actually plan to open a small sourdough bakery; people who tried it just love it. Thank you so much!”

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